'Project Z'
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Wed 04.03 20:00 - 22:25

Krankland presents ‘Project Z’

Johannes Verschaeve / Colin H. Van Eeckhout (CHVE) / Jan Swerts & Illuminine / Black Fuel Ensemble & Naomi Sijmons / Krankland / The Wild Classical Music Ensemble / The Ostend Street Orkestra
Wed 04.03
20:00 - 22:25

Enter a hall of mirrors echoing with wonky notes

With ‘Project Z’, Krankland – the brainchild of Thomas Werbrouckand Eline Adam (Little Trouble Kids) – presents an ode to the (un)loved music of extraordinary artists, a wild universe of expression and unfiltered sounds. For the occasion, they’re inviting a whole host of guests to perform live at Vooruit, including Johannes Verschaeve (formerly of The Van Jets), Colin H. Van Eeckhout (Amenra) and Naomi Sijmons (Reena Riot), among others.

Krankland’s aim is to track down the unsung gems that lie beyond the mainstream, both old and contemporary. In this way ‘Project Z’ is an ode to the oeuvres of artists left cold by the ‘normal’ and the ‘beautiful’. Spread across different stages in the Balzaal, these artists will bring to life music by extraordinary artists including blues musician and avant-garde guitarist Jos Steen, hermit Jean-Marie Massou, violinist Martha Grunenwaldt and composer Jean-Pierre Plisnier. Welcome to a hall of mirrors echoing with wonky notes.

Colin H. Van Eeckhout (CHVE) ZZZ Jean-Marie Massou 

For his contribution, Amenra frontman Colin H. Van Eeckhout took inspiration from Jean-Marie Massou. In the middle of a forest in Lot, France, Massou awaits the coming of extra-terrestrials. In the meantime he sings, digs tunnels, engraves stones and makes newspaper collages, as he has done for forty years, in total isolation. He records his lamentations on cassettes to warn mankind of ecological disaster, overpopulation, and the impending implosion of the sun.

Johannes Verschaeve ZZZ Jos Steen

Jos Steen was a Belgian blues musician, avant-garde guitarist and singer. He created a treasure-trove of music, which he usually shared with the world in single limited-edition releases.  His oeuvre is gigantic and extremely varied: from traditional blues songs to performances with harmonicas mounted on vacuum cleaners. The Ostend glam-rock king Johannes Verschaeve (formerly of The Van Jets) will be taking Steen’s work for a spin.

Naomi Sijmons ZZZ Black Fuel Ensemble

The experimental Black Fuel Ensemble makes music with toy instruments, creates graphical scores with an energetic play of lines and has been known to improvise to literature and Jim Jarmusch films. This will be the first ever collaboration between mutual Sonic Youth fans BFE and Naomi Sijmons (Reena Riot).

Krankland ZZZ Martha Grunenwaldt

Krankland themselves will be diving into the work of Martha Grunenwaldt. This Walloon violinist led a hard life and only began to draw at the age of 71. Her drawings are ornate and colourful, with feminine faces, birds and flowers. She continued to play violin until the end of her life.

Flora Schipper & Gabriel Cerocien ZZZ Jean-Pierre Plisnier door Jan Swerts & Illuminine

Jean-Pierre Plisnier, a former resident of the Dr. Guislain Institute, has written approximately 2,500 short, repetitive compositions throughout his life. Plisnier has a penchant for the note ‘la’ and the number seven. His compositions are conceived as little prayers to God or Mary. Pianist Jan Swerts and composer Kevin Imbrechts (Illuminine) – both known for their subdued and melancholic work – have recorded new music, based on which the dancers Flora Schipper and Gabriel Cerocien will bring Plisnier’s universe to life.

The Wild Classical Music Ensemble

Since its inception within the walls of Wit.h. in Kortrijk, The Wild Classical Music Ensemble has been set on demolishing auditory boundaries at home and abroad. They began working together with Lee Ranaldo (ex-Sonic Youth) in 2019. Their feverish rhythms, punk riffs and boisterous vocals can be heard on three albums, not to mention during their wild – not at all classical – parties on and around the stage, which leave no one unmoved.

The Ostend Street Orkestra

The Ostend Street Orkestra was founded by the participative arts organisation KleinVerhaal in response to the commotion around the growing group of homeless people in Ostend. TOSO has since grown into an unruly orchestra, with Ilse Duyck, Giovanni Barcella, Bart Maris and Yamen Martini as coaches. In the ranks of TOSO are musicians from diverse social and musical backgrounds: those with and those without a roof over their heads; those born and raised in Ostend and those newly washed ashore; people young and old, with scars big and small. Some who read music, some who don’t.



“We voorzien negen verschillende performances op één plek, en die gaan allemaal in elkaar over.”

Thomas Werbrouck

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Wed 04.03 - 20:00 Balzaal
music / experimental / avant garde
€15 (at the door) / 12 (early bird)

‘Project Z’ is the closing event of the exhibition of the same name at Museum Dr. Guislain, which runs until Sunday 1 March.


in collaboration with Museum Dr. Guislain

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