Kali Malone
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Thu 02.04 20:00 - 22:30
Vooruit & Courtisane present:

Kali Malone [live] / Lis Rhodes presents ‘Light Music’

Thu 02.04
20:00 - 22:30
  • Thu 02.04
    20:00 - 22:30

To prevent the further spread of the coronavirus, Vooruit will postpone all planned performances, concerts and events with immediate effect until May 3rd, 2020. All ticket holders will be contacted.

Vooruit and Courtisane festival – the yearly celebration of experimental film and audiovisual art – are rolling out the red carpet for two grande dames. The American composer Kali Malone makes dark, minimal ambient, described by Boomkat as “magisterial, glacial, attention-demanding and powerful”. 

Kali Malone [live]

The classically trained singer Kali Malone is breathing new life into ambient music. She’s got an impressive string of albums under her belt – a rich collection of compositions characterised by her unique tunings and psycho-acoustics. On them Malone explores the interactions between a wide range of electro-acoustic instruments: from woodwinds paired with Buchla 200 synthesisers to a string quartet accompanied by sine waves. “Her work explores some of the most basic fabrics of music”, Tiny Mix Tapes observes. For now the highpoint is ‘The Sacrificial Code’, an ode to the pipe organ. Kali Malone’s soothing, repetitive harmonies evoke big emotions that leave a tenacious impression, especially when experienced live,.

You may have spotted Malone previously at fine festivals and venues such as Berlin Atonal, Moogfest, Café Oto and The Swedish Radio. Malone has long collaborated with the Italian composer Caterina Barbieri as Upper Glossa and is part of the noise project Sorrowing Christ. She’s also the driving force behind the record label XKatedral and its eponymous concert series.

Lis Rhodes - ‘Light Music’

One of the central figures featuring at the Courtisane festival this year is the British artist and feminist filmmaker Lis Rhodes. Since the 70s Rhodes has been making radical and experimental work that challenges the hegemonic narratives and power structures of language. Her work touches on political issues – the refugee crisis, police violence, discrimination – as much as it does film history.

Her ‘Light Music’ (1975) is an installation using two 16 mm projectors. In this groundbreaking work, Rhodes plays with our preconceived notions with respect to film as well as the lack of public interest in women composers. For this work she created a score consisting solely of a series of horizontal and vertical lines marked with pen and ink on the optical edge of the celluloid. This play of lines is projected onto two opposite-facing screens. The result is an ‘optical soundtrack’ that does away with all convention.


Timetable TBA!

“Magisterial, glacial, attention-demanding and powerful.”


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Thu 02.04 - 20:00 Doors Minard (Romain Deconinckplein 2, 9000 Gent) 
muziek / ambient / experimenteel 
€13 (at the door) / 10 (presale)


In partnership with Courtisane


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