Splendid © Vincen Beeckman
© Vincen Beeckman
Fri 22.11 - Sun 26.04

Vincen Beeckman

Fri 22.11
  • Fri 22.11 - Sun 26.04

Exploring the South (of Ghent)

Boxers, prostitutes, film aficionados, church protectors, footballing seniors, organic hairdressers, street musicians: it's a colourful mix of people who live in the neighbourhood around Vooruit. Belgian photographer Vincen Beeckman and the Vooruit Stadsatelier (a research atelier focusing on art and society, with the city of Gent as its workplace) would like to introduce them to you. With his camera in hand, Beeckman is going on a quest to document the most fascinating stories from the neighbourhood. 

The Brussels-born Vincen Beeckman is quite the chameleon. As a photographer he engages with very different worlds, shifting effortlessly from social-artistic projects and public-space integrations to autonomous work. In an endless series of self-portraits – from courier to policeman – his search for identity is proving as obsessive as it is insightful.

He once handed out rolls of film to residents of the Marolles neighbourhood of Brussels and asked them to document their lives. A parade of bizarrely dressed people posed for him as part of his project 'Chez Jacky'. And during 'Cracks' Beeckman gave disposable cameras to homeless people in Brussels Central Station. A common thread in his work is the vulnerability of human existence and the positive energy that can flow from it.

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