Brecht Evens - Het Amusement
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Brecht Evens

boek & party 'Het Amusement'
Thu. 27.09.2018 19:30 - Fri. 28.09.2018 03:00
Thu 27.09.'18
Fri 28.09.'18
19:30 - 03:00
  • Thu 27.09.'18
    Fri 28.09.'18
    19:30 - 03:00

New book by one of Flanders’ most highly-acclaimed graphic novelists

Brecht Evens, one of Flanders’ most highly-acclaimed graphic novelists, is back with a vengeance. Evens presents ‘Het Amusement’ (The City of Belgium) in which he weaves together the experiences of three different characters over the course of a single night. Freeloader Jona packs his bags and moves in with his girlfriend in Berlin. The fragile Victoria enjoys a relaxed dinner with her ex and his new girlfriend. Former party animal Rodolphe wrestles with a nasty depressive episode. The three lives converge in a restaurant, a taxi and a discotheque in this brilliant, eye-popping, pulsating urban mosaic of a story.

Evens studied illustration at the LUCA School of Arts’ Ghent Campus. At the age of 19 he won the Stripgilde’s debut prize with ‘Boodschap uit de Ruimte’ (Message from Space), which was followed by ‘The Wrong Place’ and ‘Panther’. And with that he came to become one of the central figures in a new wave of Flemish comicbook artists.

After the presentation, you can enjoy the performance of CHRISTEENE and an afterparty with Bolis Pupul!

+ performance of CHRISTEENE and an afterparty with dj Bolis Pupul 


Free entrance (RSVP needed)
in collaboration with: uitgeverij Oogachtend

in Dutch


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