Marja Ahti
Marja Ahti by © Sorbus

Sote presents ‘Parallel Persia’ / Laura Cannell / Marja Ahti

Sote presents ‘Parallel Persia’ / Laura Cannell / Marja Ahti
Vooruit & Kraak present: EASTERN DAZE 2019
Sat. 23.11.2019 14:30 - 18:00
Sat 23.11.'19
14:30 - 18:00
  • Sat 23.11.'19
    14:30 - 18:00

“‘Parallel Persia’ is a hugely impressive creation in and out of social context.” – The Quietus

We’re splitting the last day of EASTERN DAZE 2019 into two parts: an intimate listening afternoon full of soundscapes and minimalism, and an evening full of sweltering Sahel sounds and more. But first we’ll be taking it a bit easier, with the godfather of Iranian experimental electronica Sote, the British experimental violinist Laura Cannell and the chilling ambient of Marja Ahti.

Sote presents ‘Parallel Persia’ ft. Arash Bolouri, Pouya Damadi & Arash Akbar

It’s safe to say that Ata Ebtekar, alias Sote, is the godfather of Iranian experimental electronica. With his label Zabte Sote he supports many artists from the Iranian diaspora – including Rojin Sharafi and Nima Aghiani. He also releases his own work through renowned labels such as Warp, Sub Rosa and Opal Tapes. In his compositions Sote deconstructs rules and formulas to create lively synthetic soundscapes.

Out of his last project, ‘Parallel Persia’ (which premiered in 2018) grew a new album that was released this past May. “‘Parallel Persia’ is a hugely impressive creation in and out of social context”, wrote The Quietus, “and affirms that Ata Ebtekar is one of the most significant producers on the planet for anyone invested in upending this music’s Western hegemony.”

Laura Cannell

A violin and two recorders is all the British artist Laura Cannell needs to evoke a fairytale universe, a world where ruins from a grey past are all that remain. With her half-composed, half-improvised pieces, she explores the space between experiment and tradition.

As part of EASTERN DAZE, Cannel presents a minimal chamber piece from her new album ‘Waters Deep Cathedral’, set to be released in 2020. This album was written and recorded in the Wapping Hydraulic Power Station on the banks of the Thames in London. She’ll also play pieces from her latest solo album ‘The Sky Untuned’. “A fascinating and involving album, communicating with an unflinching directness that is sometimes almost raw, and often very beautiful.” – The Quietus

Marja Ahti

This Swedish-Finnish musician and composer Marja Ahti combines field recordings and other acoustic sound fragments with synths and electronic feedback loops. In this way she creates musical narratives centred on subtle microtonal beats and subdued textures. Ahti has been part of the experimental scene in Finland for over ten years now and, together with her partner, is one half of the duo Ahti & Ahti. With her debut album ‘Vegetal Negatives’ – out this year on the Swiss label Hallow Ground – Ahti explores a new formal language and ambient-like musical palette.

On 23.11 there is also an evening programme with Mdou Moctar & more!
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A fascinating and involving album, communicating with an unflinching directness that is sometimes almost raw, and often very beautiful.

The Quietus about ‘The Sky Untuned’ by Laura Cannell

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Sat 23.11 (15:00 - 18:30) - Vooruit Domzaal
€13 (at the doors) / 10 (presale)
Combitickets Saturday 23.11 (afternoon + evening): €25
music / electronica / experimenteel


together with Kraak, KAVIR & Meakusma Festival 



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