Moor Mother & The London Contemporary Orchestra present 'The Great Bailout'
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Moor Mother & The London Contemporary Orchestra

present 'The Great Bailout'
Wed 16.10
  • Wed 16.10
    20:00 - 22:00

Afrofuturist artist links live performance with film screening

Camae Ayewa AKA Moor Mother is no stranger around these parts. The musician, slam poet and multidisciplinary artist previously performed during the alternative film festival Courtisane. This time she’s coming to present the Belgian premiere of her latest project: ‘The Great Bailout’, a meandering poem that brings together live performance and film.

For ‘The Great Bailout’ Moor Mother has called in the support of the London Contemporary Orchestra. This world-class ensemble has worked with the likes of Radiohead (on ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’), Frank Ocean, Beck, Mica Levi (During VIDEODROOM live on stage with Curl), William Basinski and Steve Reich. The LCO has contributed to the soundtracks of acclaimed films such as ‘Phantom Thread’, ‘You Were Never Really Here’, ‘Suspiria’ and ‘There Will Be Blood’. Be the first in Belgium to witness this unique collaboration.

Moor Mother is a strange breed, combining the hard punk attitude of Death Grips with the improvisatory spirit of Shabazz Palaces. With samples of field recordings, dark rhymes and analogue noise eruptions, Ayewa denounces her pet hates: colonialism, slavery and racism. “Moor Mother might be the most radical – even the most useful – Afrofuturist artist to emerge for years”, wrote The Wire regarding her breakthrough album ‘Fetish Bones’ from 2016.

‘The Great Bailout’ broaches the same themes, although this time Ayewa casts her critical eye on the unsavoury historical slave trade of Great Britain and the Commonwealth in particular. The production can be summarised as an alternative, non-linear map of the world, with Moor Mother’s masterful flow accompanied by one of the best orchestral ensembles in the world.

“Moor Mother might be the most radical - even the most useful - Afrofuturist artist to emerge for years.” - The Wire

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“London Contemporary Orchestra has become one of Britain’s brightest beacons for new music. Its repertoire is adventurous yet it attracts sell-out crowds to extraordinary venues and has a remarkable online following. It nurtures new audiences, forges fruitful alliances across the stylistic spectrum, and champions challenging scores with virtuosic flair.”

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MUZIEK / hiphop / experimenteel / PODIUM / film


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