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Europalia Romania:

Kinema Ikon / Khidja / Eirwud Mudwasser (dj-set)
Thu 10.10
  • Thu 10.10
    20:00 - 02:00

Re-scoring the lost shorts from Romania’s communist era 

Vooruit and the Europalia Arts Festival are teaming up once again. After the 2017 edition of Europalia, which focused on Indonesia, this year’s guest country is Romania. During VIDEODROOM you can catch the world premiere of the lost shorts by the legendary art collective Kinema Ikon, with unique soundtracks by Belgian and Romanian artists, including Inne Eysermans, Ben Bertrand and Céline Gillain. Also on the programme: a live AV show by Bucharest’s best kept secret Khidja and a DJ set by the young Romanian producer Eirwud Mudwasser. For fans of adventurous electronica!

Kinema Ikon

The strict censorship and state control under the communist regime in Romania made it no easy feat to create new artistic work out of old film rolls. The iconic Kinema Ikon, an on-and-off-again art collective and multimedia atelier, found an original solution. They recycled bits of 16 mm tape from propaganda films, using them to make wonderful collages that in 2019 are still as alienating as they are intriguing. For the soundtracks they used snippets of Western music that were circulating in intellectual circles at the time, from composers like Vangelis and Karlheinz Stockhausen.

At Vooruit you’ll have the opportunity to view these ten short films by Kinema Ikon for the first time outside of Romanian territory. The films will get a new soundtrack, made by five Romanian and five Belgian musicians. For the first and only time in Belgium!

  • ‘Bird Hunting’ (Emanuel Țeț, 1980) - rescored by Ben Bertrand
  • ‘Pulsions’ (Marcela Muntean, 1983) - rescored by Céline Gillain
  • ‘Self-portrait’ (Iosif Stroia, 1984) - rescored by Velvet C
  • ‘Cut-ups’ (George Sabau, 1980-85) - rescored by Inne Eysermans
  • ‘Spring-coming Effects’ (Ioan Pleș, 1978) - rescored by Maxime Jacobs
  • ‘Alone With The Snow’ (Romulus Budiu, 1975) - rescored by Selfmademusic
  • ‘Autopsy Of Forgiveness’ (Ioan T. Morar, 1977) - rescored by Iancu Dumitrescu
  • ‘Subliminal Exercise’ (Alexandru Pecican, 1979) - rescored by Dyslex
  • ‘Beginning Of Coherence’ (Valentin Constantin, 1981) - rescored by Monica Vlad
  • ‘Liquid Landscape’ (Viorel Simulov, 1988) - rescored by Makunouchi Bento


Khidja (live AV show)

The duo Khidja take their name from a number by the American, latin-influenced funk band Mandrill. That’s where the similarities end, though; these Bucharest underground favourites have created an extremely personal blend of Turkish disco, futuristic dance, traditional lautareasca and kraut from another universe. Khidja will play a live show with impressive projections, performings songs from their latest collaboration with Balabas - released on the experimental Malka Tuti label.


Eirwud Mudwasser (dj-set)

Eirwud Mudwasser is the alias of the young Romanian producer and DJ Vlad Matei. He combines new beat, dub, tribal house, Berlin-school electronica and left-field Balearic to create an eclectic whole. On his debut 12”, released on Balearic Social, Matei seeks out a balance between warm, organic sounds and complex arrangements for classic synths.

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thu 10.10 - 20:00 Balzaal Vooruit
€10 (add) / 7 (vvk)
MUSIC / minimal / experimental / soundscape / PODIUM / film


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Together with Film Fest Gent & Europalia Arts Festival 


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