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Thu 05.12.'19
20:00 - 23:00
  • Thu 05.12.'19
    20:00 - 23:00

“A new peak in their long discography” - Pitchfork

Three years after they obliterated the Theaterzaal with their masterful live soundtrack to the Japanese animation film ‘Belladonna of Sadness’, the drone metal pioneers Earth are returning to Vooruit. The legendary combo headed up by Dylan Carlson is back with their new album ‘Full Upon Her Burning Lips’. Pitchfork describes it as “a new peak in their long discography”. And they’re coming to present the album live in Vooruit’s Balzaal. ‘Cats on the Briar’ is the first advance track, and it’s exactly how we like our portion of Earth: buzzing with repetitive guitar riffs, subtle melodies and metal minimalism that defies categorisation.

‘Full Upon Her Burning Lips’ is the first album recorded by Earth as a duo consisting of Carlson and Adrienne Davies, who has been the band’s drummer since its reincarnation (see below). ‘Full Upon…’ is perhaps one of the most accessible records in the band’s discography to date, packed with memorable hooks. “The riffs should be something that you want to hear again”, says Carlson. The result is a distilled, sensual (!) record that skips between Black Sabbath and La Monte Young. The themes are surprising, too, ranging from the supernatural to desert visions and a witch’s garden. We couldn’t make it up.

Are you as curious as we are about how this new approach and record will sound live? Meet us in the witch’s lair (Vooruit’s Balzaal) on Thursday 5 December.


Timetable tba!

“‘Full Upon Her Moving Lips’ may be Earth's busiest album to date, but it is also one of their loveliest”

The Quietus


It’s 2019 and Earth (the group, not the planet) has been around for thirty years. In contrast with band-buddies like Sleater-Kinney, Bikini Kill, Melvins and Nirvana, Dylan Carlson went off the beaten track from day one. He threw established pop song structures overboard, opted resolutely for the underground and created a unique drone-doom sound that would inspire later acolytes Sun O))). But midway through the 90s the band fell silent.

Around 2000 Earth re-emerged out of the abyss with Adrienne Davis, on drums, among others. The album ‘Hex; or Printing in the Infernal Method’ and its follow-ups rang in a new chapter for Carlson and company: still drone music, but now blended with elements from country, European folk, blues, jazz and much more. This would become the group’s unique new sound. ‘Full Upon Her Burning Lips’ brings this sound into 2019.

“People always seem to think that I’m super dark, or that our music’s super dark. Yeah, there’s elements of darkness in it, but ultimately I think that in all of our music, especially recently, there’s always hope or joy.” - Dylan Carlson

Helen Money

Alison Chesley, better known as Helen Money, is a classically trained cellist who takes just as much inspiration from the work of Pablo Casals and Shostakovich as she does from Jimi Hendrix and The Minutemen. The American artist has played on albums by Bob Mould, Broken Social Scene, Anthrax, Mono and Russian Circles, among others. She also composes for film, theatre and dance productions.

In 2007 she released her first solo album as Helen Money on her own label, Cellobird Records. Since then she has sent three records into the world, the last of which, 'Become Zero', on the wings of the renowned Thrill Jockey label. In her latest offering she combines furious metal eruptions with desolate sadness and tranquil beauty. “‘Become Zero’ is spare but heavy, dark but beautiful, melodic but meditative”, wrote The Guardian. She can already count the bands Portishead and Shellac among her fans. You're next!

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