Raven Ruëll & Bruno Vanden Broecke / KVS - Ouder Kind
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Raven Ruëll & Bruno Vanden Broecke / KVS

Ouder Kind
Het TheaterFestival
Wed. 11.09.2019 - Thu. 12.09.2019
Wed 11.09.'19
Thu 12.09.'19

Over vriendschap, gefaalde projecten en de eeuwige spanning tussen acteur en regisseur

Ouder Kind is the tenth joint creation by Bruno Vanden Broecke and Raven Ruëll. At this milestone, they’ve taken a different approach from their previous performances. Apart from a few technicians, no one knows what to expect.

Ouder Kind sketches a fictionalized autobiographical portrait of Bruno Vanden Broecke and Raven Ruëll. It is about friendship, about failed projects and about the eternal tension between actor and director. Together they go in search of the vulnerability of their intense friendship. The two actors play an alternative version of themselves, where fiction and non-fiction intertwine.

​​'Half the walk is but retracing our steps.' From Henry David Thoreau’s Walden. I never forgot that quote. We never lose ourselves anymore. We can’t get lost. GPS makes it impossible. The feeling of being lost - we lost it. And because you can’t lose yourself, there is nothing to discover.


"Een lofzang op de vriendschap die kwetst en wonden slaat, maar ook na twintig jaar onverbrekelijk blijft. En op de koop toe nog eens diepmenselijk theater voortbrengt."

De Standaard

Bruno Vanden Broecke (1974) is a KVS Face and appears in Mission, Para & Ouder Kind.

11 years ago he first performed the monologue Mission, about the missionary André Vervecken for the KVS. It was written by David Van Reybrouck and directed by Raven Ruëll. The English translation has just been published.

He was a member of the SKaGeN collective (2000 to 2009), which he co-founded, and Compagnie De Koe (1999-2008). In 2015 he made Hechten, after a work by Stefaan Van Brabandt, with Matteo Simoni and Ruth Beeckmans. In 2015 he also played the title character in Socrates, a play by De Verwondering.

Raven Ruëll (1978) graduated in 2001 from the Brussels media and theater school RITCS. As a writer, actor and director, he worked mainly for Theater Antigone (where he is also a member of the artistic staff), BRONKS, Theater Artemis, LOD-Muziektheater and KVS. For the French-speaking community, he worked for the artists' collective Le Groupov and for the Théâtre National in Brussels.


Tekst & performance: Raven Ruëll, Bruno Vanden Broecke - kostuums: Heidi Ehrhart - muziek: Steven Lorie - licht: Geert Drobé, Helmi Demeulemeester - productie: KVS - productieleider: Lieven Symaeys


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