Studio Orka - 'Craquelé'
© Phile Deprez

Studio ORKA / hetpaleis

Het TheaterFestival
Sun. 08.09.2019 - Tue. 17.09.2019
Sun 08.09.'19
Tue 17.09.'19

Een ode aan alle zichtbare en alle onzichtbare mensen en gebeurtenissen in ons leven.

Through scenes from the past, this piece shows the life story of a man named Tuesday. You will meet people with whom Tuesday has a loyal relationship and who have had a huge impact on his life. These people live in the same village and find each other in the small village.

Their actions on stage are at the service of Tuesday, who "recalls" his memories in his head. At times, as a spectator, he looks at his past and at other times he decides to actively participate in the events. The only constant in the coming and going of these flashbacks is Tuesday itself, the pivotal figure in the story.


"Tuesday once again brings together all of ORKA’s strengths: a mesmerising decor, empathic actors, authentic characters holding a secret. As in Chasse Patate and Inuk, their previous gems, they result into moments of heartwarming beauty. It’s theatre to feast on."

De Standaard

Studio ORKA’s artistic core consists of Philippe Van de Velde and Martine Decroos. Each time, one or two new faces that haven’t worked for the company before, perform in the new production. This time Robrecht Vanden Thoren is new to Studio ORKA. The other actors in Tuesday have already performed in ORKA-productions: Dominique Van Malder, Ilse de Koe, Tania Vander Sanden, Janne Desmet and Titus De Voogdt.


Concept & performance: Martine Decroos, Philippe van de Velde, Dominique van Malder, Titus De Voogdt, Janne Desmet, Tania Van der Sanden, Ilse de Koe, Robrecht Vanden Thoren, Lander Scheire, Willem Loobuyck, Maria Dolores Nijns, Staf De Neve, Peter Monsaert - coach: Peter Monsaert - technique & decor: Philippe Van de Velde, Koen Demeyere, Jonas Lambrigts, Lorin Duquesne, Geert Vandewalle, Willem Rys, Jille Wellecan, Geeraard Respeel - costumes: Valerie Leroy, Elise Goedgezelschap, Leentje Kerremans. - hairdo & make-up: Dorien Van Poucke, Dian Vandecruys - choir: Hans Primusz / Wouter Crombez, Dieter Demerre, Bram Vancompernolle, Raju Thapa, Bart Janssens, Jan Roels, Piet Wouters, Jan Verbeeck, Bruno Wyns, Frédéric Mylle, Rik Steuperaert, Siegfried Dhaene, Katrien Wemel, Fien Neirynck, Lynn-Luise Bekaert, Els Meersschaert, Ann De Raedt, Jo Jacobs, Aldona Van Haesevelde, Christine Van den Branden, Anna Vanlommel, Elisa Van De Voorde, Herlinde Witdouck, Mia Coulier, Kristine Van Mechelen, Nelly Massa, Mies Vanbellinghen, Anne Degrieck, Iva Donckers, Ilona Vertriest - thanks to:  Sint-Barbaracollege Gent, Hilde Leloup, Leen Deneckere - with the support of: Flemish Government, City of Gent. 'Tuesday' was realised with support by Tax Shelter.