Monster Truck - 'Marat / Sade'
© Michiel Devijver
Tue 22.10 20:00 - 21:20

Monster Truck

'Marat / Sade'
Tue 22.10
20:00 - 21:20
  • Tue 22.10
    20:00 - 21:20
    NTGent Schouwburg

Exploring the autonomy and authenticity of people with mental illness on stage

After a life filled with controversy, the aristocrat Marquis de Sade spends his final years in the psychiatric hospital of Charenton. The Frenchman – whose dubious honour it is to have the terms ‘sadism’ and ‘sadomasochism’ coined after his name – starts performing theatre along with his fellow patients. As an admirer of the French Revolution, de Sade reenacts the death of the legendary revolutionary Jean-Paul Marat.

Monster Truck’s ‘Marat/Sade’ ties into their past work, which explores the autonomy and authenticity of people with a mental illness on stage. Who decides the rules? Who directs whom? Their revolutionary approach is to cast of people with a mental illness.

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text Peter Weiss - direction & performance Monster Truck (Marcel Bugiel, Manuel Gerst, Sahar Rahimi, Ina Vera) and others - production Monster Truck, NTGent

in copresentation with NTGent

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