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Tue 19.11

From the melancholy to the exotic daydreams of young twenty-somethings 

Pavlove, the indierock / psychedelica pop phenomenon from Ghent are presenting their new EP live at Vooruit. This five-piece, with half-Irani siblings Fabian and Reina Rasti at its core, captivate audiences with their playfully contrasting vocals and inventive guitar riffs. Their energetic rhythms are inspired by sixties and seventies music from both Iran and the West.

In early 2019 they premiered their single 'Anything but Cupid' on Humo along with a brilliant video. StuBru and Radio 1 quickly latched onto the song, which also garnered attention with the international press and radio stations around the world. Their packed AB show in May was a successful teaser for their EP release at Vooruit. Expect raw sounds and songs with vibes ranging from the melancholy of daily life to the exotic daydreams of young twenty-somethings. 



Timetable TBA!


19.11 - 20:00 Vooruit Balzaal 
€12 / 8 (presale) 
pop / rock

ism Kontzert

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