Tegenlicht meet up 9000
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Tue. 18.02.2020 20:30 - 23:00
i.s.m. Masereelfonds, Timelab, ACV & LUCA School of Arts

Tegenlicht Meet Up Gent met Annelys de Vet

'De staat van paraatheid volgens Israël'
Tue 18.02. 2020
20:30 - 23:00
  • Tue 18.02. 2020
    20:30 - 23:00
    Foyer Theaterzaal

In-depth research and intriguing perspectives on pressing issues

Tegenlicht (aka Backlight) from the Dutch broadcaster VPRO is a renowned docu series focusing on societal issues. It presents in-depth research and intriguing perspectives on pressing issues. Ghent is a city overflowing with curious and engaged citizens.

With Tegenlicht Meet Up 9000, we’re bringing the two together. Every month we’ll watch a documentary together and enter into discussion about the topics raised in the episode. For this Ghent edition we’ll also be inviting a guest for each edition. They’ll choose the report from VPRO’s selection. A moderator will then guide the debate and, needless to say, we’ll have a drink together.

Tegenlicht is forward-thinking journalism: a series of informative programmes in which new ideas and trends in the world of politics, economy, society and science are researched and broadcast by VPRO. Tegenlicht Meet Up is a formula that’s already been rolled out across over 25 towns and cities in the Netherlands.

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Tue 18.02 - 20:30 Foyer Theaterzaal
free entrance, with reservation
in Dutch
in collaboration with Timelab, Masereelfonds, ACV Gent-Eeklo & Luca School of Arts



in collaboration with Timelab, Masereelfonds, ACV Oost-Vlaanderen & Luca School of Arts



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