Sat. 08.06.2019 12:00 - 22:00

Vooruit ism. CC René Magritte Lessines

La Grande Traversée
Sat 08.06. 2019
12:00 - 22:00
  • Sat 08.06. 2019
    12:00 - 22:00
    On location

An artistic, culinary Flemish-Walloon get-together in Ghent

Vooruit is concluding its current season with a Flemish-Walloon get-together. Last year, under the banner of LA GRAND TRAVERSÉE, we paid a visit to our colleagues at CC René Magritte in Lessines. A road trip just over the linguistic border, including a bus journey, mattentaarten and Dupont beer. On the way and at the location itself the Vooruit crowd were treated to music, installations, performances, tasty food, cooking workshops and hijinks. It proved so popular we’re doing it again this season, only in reverse: on 8 June our Walloon friends from Lessines will be heading to Ghent.

We’d also like to invite you, our local patrons, to join us as we once again share a day of culinary and artistic delights with our counterparts from Wallonia. We’ll already reveal some of what’s in store, but you can look forward to some surprises along the way!

What you can expect:

  • A musical intervention from flamenco virtuoso Myrddin De Cauter
  • Lunch: a déjeuner sur l’herbe in the beautiful Citadelpark organised by the Ghent-based caterers Rooffood & Monterey
  • Platform-K will surprise us with their latest creation, ‘Sculpture’. An intense encounter between two women of different perspectives.
  • Discover the northern parts of Ghent with ‘Chernobyl Drawings’ by Nikolas Lestaeghe, Nicolas Delalieux and Karlien Torfs (K.A.K.)
  • Discover the southern parts of Ghent with a tour by Vizit and performances by Stefanie Claes (Lucinda Ra) with ‘Mia Kermis’, ‘Playlist’ by Vincent Beeckman
  • Or take a tour of Vooruit itself
  • Around 5:30 pm we’ll have a little aperitif
  • Diner: the Vooruit team will lay on a fantastic buffet of dishes local, fair and organic.
  • Interventions by Cirq, the performance ‘Picnic on the Moon’ by Alexa Moya & Júlia Godino aaand musician and city composer Fulco Ottervanger will play for the dancing public.

We’re already looking forward to welcoming you all with open arms, artistic spectacle, culinary delight and refreshing beer.

Practical information:

A ticket costs €35 and includes performances, lunch and diner. 

Would you like to join for the bus trip from Lessines to Ghent and back?
Reserve your ticket directly via CC René Magritte.

Meeting point: parking spots near SMAK


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