Chiara Bersani - ‘The Whales Song (Il Canto delle Balene)’
© King Vidor, ‘The Crowd’

Chiara Bersani

'The Whales Song' (Belgische première)
Women and Children First
Thu. 05.03.2020 - Fri. 06.03.2020
Thu 05.03.'20
Fri 06.03.'20

How a performer becomes invisible

Italian choreographer Chiara Bersani returns to Vooruit for the second edition of WOMEN AND CHILDREN FIRST. This season she presents her new performance, ‘The Whales Song’. In this solo piece, Italian performer Matteo Ramponi becomes invisible among the audience. He disappears between the bodies, while guiding their movements. Ramponi will make magic happen, transforming the audience from a mass of bodies to a group, and from a group to a choir.

As a performer and choreographer, Bersani often showcases a mix of different art forms and visions. Being diagnosed with brittle bone disease inspired her to investigate how people perceive other human bodies. Chiara Bersani performed during the first edition of WOMEN AND CHILDREN FIRST, with the well appreciated performance ‘Gentle Unicorn’.

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thu 05.03 - 18:30 Domzaal
fri 06.03 - 20:00 Domzaal 
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ideation & creation Chiara Bersani - action Matteo Ramponi - dramaturgy Marco D’Agostin - mentoring Alessandro Sciarroni - light design Valeria Foti - diffusion & care Giulia Traversi - producer Eleonora Cavallo - administrative advice Chiara Fava - production Associazione Culturale Corpoceleste - in collaboration with Teatro Gioco Vita (Piacenza) - with the support of Santarcangelo Festival (Santarcangelo di Romagna) - coproduction Arts Centre Vooruit