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Thu. 28.05.2020 - Sat. 30.05.2020

Toneelhuis / Guy Cassiers

'Antigone in Molenbeek' + 'Tiresias'
Thu 28.05.'20
Sat 30.05.'20

To help prevent the covid-19 pandemic from spreading further, this event will be postponed. All ticket holders will be contacted.

‘Antigone in Molenbeek’

Belgian author Stefan Hertmans based ‘Antigone in Molenbeek’ on the classical Greek tragedy by Sophocles. Antigone buries her brothers’ remains despite this being outlawed and tragedy ensues. Hertmans switched the ancient Greek setting with present-day Molenbeek.

Antigone is now Nouria, a law student who lives in the infamous town in Brussels. One of her brothers became radicalised and went to the Middle East to fight alongside ISIS. After his death in a suicidal attack, Nouria wants to bury her brother. But his remains aren’t permitted to be released from containment.


‘Tiresias’ is a spoken word performance written by Kate Tempest. The British artist has sold out major venues with her rockstar aura. Tempest drew inspiration from the Greek myth about the titular character and puts him in a contemporary setting.

In this version, ‘Tiresias’ is a fifteen-year-old boy, who transforms into a woman and eventually becomes a blind prophet no one listens to. With the aid of daily rituals and objects, Tiresias shows the audience a universe in which identity and responsibility become fluid. Guy Cassiers directs actress Katelijne Damen who performs the playful monologue under the guidance of the Antwerp Symphony Orchestra.

‘Tiresias’ and ‘Antigone in Molenbeek’ are two separate performances. Together, however, they form a diptych. Both question the authority, boundaries and laws of Western civilisation. In both pieces the drama is heightened by Shostakovich’s compositions.

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Thu 28 t/m Sat 30.05 - 20:00 Vooruit Theaterzaal
€24 / 22 / 20 / 8 (both shows)
With pause
In Dutch - Dutch surtitles
Podium / theater


Antigone in Molenbeek’

direction Guy Cassiers - text based on ‘Antigone in Molenbeek’ by Stefan Hertmans - with

Sachli Gholamalizad - light Fabiana Piccioli - production Toneelhuis - coproduction Danel Kwartet - with the support of Casa Kafka Pictures - Casa Kafka Pictures Tax Shelter empowered by Belfius


direction Guy Cassiers - based on ‘Tiresias’ by Kate Tempest - with Katelijne Damen - lights Fabiana Piccioli - production Toneelhuis - coproduction Antwerp Symphony Orchestra - with the support of Casa Kafka Pictures - Casa Kafka Pictures Tax Shelter empowered by Belfius


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