Phia Ménard / Compagnie Non Nova - ‘Contes Immoraux - Partie 1: Maison Mère’
© Jean-Luc Beaujault

Phia Ménard / Compagnie Non Nova

'Contes Immoraux - Partie 1: Maison Mère'
Smells Like Circus
Wed. 15.01.2020 20:00 - 21:30
Wed 15.01.'20
20:00 - 21:30
  • Wed 15.01.'20
    20:00 - 21:30

Ménard portrays a sci-fi version of the goddess Athena

When French performance artist Phia Ménard visits Athens, she feels completely at home. Even though it’s a foreign city in a country whose language she does not speak. Ménard rather feels like a passenger, a comfortable middle-class migrant. This privilege is in stark contrast with the misery refugees and other dispossessed populations have to go through in Greece, especially since the dire austerity measures.

In ‘Maison Mère’ Ménard portrays a sci-fi version of the goddess Athena. She recreates the Parthenon with gigantic pieces of cardboard. Her construction is a house for Europe, but also a symbol for how exposed refugees and the homeless are.

Ménard started her artistic career as a circus artist. In 1998 she founded Compagnie Non Nova to approach juggling from a different angle. Over the years Non Nova grew to become a multidisciplinary company that travels the world.

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Wed 15.01 - 20:00 Minard
€16 / 14 / 12 / 8
in collaboration with Circuscentrum
language no problem
age 16+

Belgian premiere


text & dramaturgy Phia Ménard, Jean-Luc Beaujault - scenography Phia Ménard - with Phia Ménard - sound Ivan Roussel - photography Jean-Luc Beaujault - direction Pierre Blanchet, Rodolphe Thibaud - costumes & accessories Fabrice Ilia Leroy - co-direction, administration & distribution Claire Massonnet - location manager Olivier Gicquiaud - producer Clarisse Merot - communication Adrien Poulard - distribution Lara Cortesi - production Compagnie Non Nova - coproduction documenta 14 Kassel et Le Carré, Scène nationale et Centre d’Art contemporain de Château-Gontier, La Compagnie Non Nova - Phia Ménard is supported by Préfète de la région des Pays de la Loire, City of Nantes, le Conseil Régional des Pays de la Loire, le Conseil Départemental de Loire-Atlantique - with the support of l’Institut Français, Fondation BNP Paribas - in collaboration with Circuscentrum - with the support of the French embassy in Belgium  



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