Naïf Production - ‘Des Gestes Blancs’
© Naïf Production
Sat 18.01 17:30 - 18:20
Smells Like Circus

NaïF Production

'Des Gestes Blancs'
Sat 18.01
17:30 - 18:20
  • Sat 18.01
    17:30 - 18:20
    CAMPO Nieuwpoort

About starting from scratch and trying to navigate a path in spite of failed attempts

Dancer Sylvain Bouillet shares the stage with his eight-year-old son in ‘Des Gestes Blancs’. Two bodies with a huge difference in height and weight meet on the stage. Out of this contrast arise complex perspectives, situations and emotions. With this performance it appears Bouillet seeks to return to childhood, with all its versatility and changeability. Bouillet sets about distancing himself from the actions and movements to which adults are accustomed. The challenge thus lies in the attempt to feel certain gestures for the first time.

‘Des Gestes Blancs’ is about starting from scratch and trying to navigate a path in spite of failed attempts, hesitations, imbalance and clumsiness, about overcoming obstacles through perseverance.

(c) Naïf Production

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Sat 18.01 - 17:30 CAMPO Nieuwpoort
€14 / 12 / 10 / 8
language no problem
age 10+
in collaboration with CAMPO & Circuscentrum



choreography Sylvain Bouillet - dramaturgy Lucien Reynès - artistic advice Sara Vanderieck - interpretation Charlie Bouillet, Sylvain Bouillet - light creation Pauline Guyonnet - sound & music Christophe Ruetsch - production Naïf Production - coproduction CDCN Les Hivernales (Avignon), Le Cratère Scène nationale d’Alès, CCN Malandain Ballet Biarritz, CDCN Le Pacifique (Grenoble) - with the support of DRAC PACA, Ville d’Avignon, KLAP - Maison pour la danse de Marseille, Agora - Cité internationale de la danse de Montpellier - image © Mirabelwhite - in collaboration with CAMPO & Circuscentrum


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