fABULEUS / Hanna Mampuys - ‘Softies’
© Toon Van Gramberen
Smells Like Circus

fABULEUS / Hanna Mampuys

Sat 18.01
15:00 - 16:00
  • Sat 18.01
    15:00 - 16:00

Three acrobats compete against one another in a highly physical performance

‘Softies’ is a virtuoso dance and circus performance in which everything revolves around vulnerability and having the guts to show it. Three acrobats compete against one another in a highly physical performance. They fight, jump, dive and catch each other. Together they seek out danger, but at the same time they come dangerously close to one another.

‘Softies’ breaks through the clichés about what is tough and what is weak, about how boys and girls ought to behave, about what circus or dance should be. Since 1995 Leuven-based production company fABULEUS has been dedicated to facilitating artistic collaboration between young talent and established artists.

(c) Toon Van Gramberen

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Sat 18.01 - 15:00 KOPERGIETERY
€14 / 12 / 10 / 8
language no problem
age 6+
in collaboration with KOPERGIETERY & Circuscentrum



creation Hanna Mampuys - performance Leon Borgens, Agustina Ballester, Piet Vandycke - dramaturgy Marie Peeters - artistic advice Randi De Vlieghe, Toon Van Gramberen - production fABULEUS - coproduction STUK - with the support of Circuscentrum, City of Leuven, the Flemish Community - image © Toon Van Gramberen - in collaboration with KOPERGIETERY & Circuscentrum


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