Mount Tackle
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Wed. 30.10.2019 - Thu. 31.10.2019

radical_hope / Heike Langsdorf & many others

'Mount Tackle (Revisited)'
Wed 30.10. 2019
Thu 31.10. 2019

“‘Mount Tackle’ invites us to reflect on our surroundings and the events and people around us.”

A landscape where you can spend an hour at least or two hours at most. A patchwork quilt of short performances. An enormous mountain of stuff that you can touch or leave alone. That’s ‘Mount Tackle (Revisited)’, a production for the black box of dancer and performance artist Heike Langsdorf. As a viewer you can take the time to walk around and shift perspectives – sometimes in the dark, making us vulnerable and fragile.

Make yourself comfortable, though, and take all the time you want. Explore the space. Drifting around ‘Mount Tackle (Revisited)’ you’ll discover different ways of looking at the world around you. In the safe space of the theatre we’ll go in search of the answer to the question: what knowledge or experience do we need in order to deal with this complex world?

Enjoy discovering the world around you and take care ...

Ontdek ook '...Through Practices' en ga mee op verkenning doorheen de werkpraktijk van een groep artiesten

"‘Mount Tackle’ heeft veel verschillende en tegelijkertijd aanwezige kijkculturen nodig om echt tot leven te komen: jong, oud, al dan niet geïnteresseerd in theater, hier opgegroeid of elders."

- Heike Langsdorf in een interview met Kaaitheater, waar ‘Mount Tackle’ in première ging

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wed 30 & thu 31.10 - 20:00

Domzaal €10 / 10 / 10 / 8

in collaboration with LOD muziektheater & KASK - School of Arts HOGENT

in English


in the context of Langsdorf's research trajectory ‘Distraction as Discipline’ at KASK - School of Arts HOGENT (2016-2019 Langsdorf & Luyten), Heike Langsdorf revises this year her production ‘Mount Tackle’ that premiered in 2016 at the Burning Ice Festival / Kaaitheater (coproduction Kaaitheater, BUDA, Vooruit, KAAP Creative Compass, Kunstenwerkplaats Pianofabriek - with the support of Vlaamse Gemeenschap, VGC Brussel, Casco) - in collaboration with Lilia Mestre (performance), David Helbich (sound) - performers Anna Luyten, Ernst Maréchal, Wayaba Tokpwi, Dieudonné Zoko & guest performers (students second bachelor Autonome Vormgeving / KASK) - production & performance Christoph Ragg - scenography Ief Spincemaille - lights Michaël Janssens - production & dramaturgical advice Elowise Vandenbroecke - illustrations Raquel Santana De Morais - coproduction KASK - School of Arts Gent HOGENT, radical_hope, KAAP Creative Compass - with the support of SPIN



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