Haider Al Timimi / fABULEUS - 'Zero For Conduct'
© Shirin Rabi
Fri. 29.11.2019 - Sat. 30.11.2019
Festival van de Gelijkheid

Kloppend Hert & fABULEUS

'Zero For Conduct'
Fri 29.11.'19
Sat 30.11.'19

A revolutionary dance performance, voodoo in a classroom

In 1933 French filmmaker Jean Vigo made his film ‘Zéro de conduite’. In this cheerily anarchistic movie, children revolt against the strict educational system in which they are forced to participate. More than eighty years later, our world has evolved at break-neck speed. Why is it then, that our classrooms have barely changed in a hundred years’ time?

In this open questioning of our educational system, Ghent native and playwright Haider Al Timimi collaborates with eleven young people aged fifteen to twenty-two. The young performers, dancers and singers share their vision for a different world and future and imagine the role education could play. ‘Zero For Conduct’ is absurdly iconoclastic, a voodoo ritual in a classroom where children express their hunger for knowledge in dance and exude a know-it-all attitude. 

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vr 29.11 & za 30.11 - 20:00 Vooruit Domzaal
€16 / 14 / 12 / 8
NL - surtitles NL
Podium / dans / performance


director Haider Al Timimi - assistant director Astrid Ogiers - performance Joanita Acheampong, Mohammed Basim, Cherine Chat, Marijke Claes, Maaike De Baerdemaeker, Marilou Dejans, Marie De Cort, Majd Hanon, Wouter Tran, Sigi Van Roy en Renée Vaerewijck - dramaturgy Bart Capelle - choreographic advise Georgina del Carmen Teunissen - costumes Lotte Stek - scenography Sven Roofthooft - lights Reynaldo Ramperssad - production fABULEUS & Kloppend Hert - coproduction Perpodium - with the support of Ufund, the city of Leuven, the city of Ghent, the Flemish Community and the Tax Shelter of the Belgian federal government



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