Amen & Beyond

Roise Goan & Neske Beks

In Your Hands
Fri 17.05
  • Fri 17.05
    10:30 - 13:00
    Foyer Theaterzaal
    Past event

 Knitting and debating in a safe haven

 ‘In Your Hands’ is a no-experience-required but experience-very-welcome knitting workshop. It is a space for collaborative craft practice, intergenerational skills exchange and a listening practice connected to labour with a feminine flavour. It's about creating a space to listen to unfamiliar or hidden stories and histories of female labour (by their nature undervalued and under-represented) while engaging in a craft practice that enjoys a similar station. Each edition will have a different speaker, who will bring with them their own story and choice of refreshments to share. For Amen and Beyond, curator Barbara Raes has invited Dutch artist Neske Beks. In short, come for the knitting, stay for the story.

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Amen & Beyond
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