Rasa Alksnyte
Sat 25.05 10:00 - 17:00
Amen & Beyond

Beyond The Spoken invites Sídhe

Sat 25.05
10:00 - 17:00
  • Sat 25.05
    10:00 - 17:00
    On location

 Discover how rituals and art can contribute to our health

Beyond The Spoken & Sídhe / ‘Geneeskunst’

Our lives are filled with conscious and unconscious rituals. Some rituals get their power from a rich history, while others grow out of contemporary needs or desires. How can rituals, old and new, contribute to our well-being and our health in 2019? Are artists the new ritual makers? Or do people from the care and well-being sector fulfil this role? ‘Geneeskunst’ (‘the art of healing’) is a day of inspiration, with talks, walks, performances and visualisations to stimulate an exchange around the topic of new ritual practices as they relate to the care sector. This day is a warm-up and introduction to the nighttime burning ritual ‘Uit handen geven’ by Beyond the Spoken and Amenra.

Part of
Amen & Beyond


10.00: aankomst en verwelkoming

10.30: Inspiratiewandeling

11.30: ‘Ruimte voor nieuwe rituelen’, lezing door Barbara Raes en nagesprek met actrice Karlijn Sileghem en rouwtherapeute Kathleen Roskams.

12.30: lunch

13.15: ‘Voicing the Silence’, stemoefening door Stevie Wishart

14.15: ‘Circle’ door ‘We have the choice’ OF ‘Opstelling voor de aarde’ door Tina Vervaeke

15.15: ‘Circle’ door ‘We have the choice’ OF ‘Leven en dood’ door Tina Vervaeke

16.15: pauze

16.45: ‘Woud’, visualisatie door Eva De Groote en Ruben Nachtergaele

17:15: ‘Letter to yourself’

17:50: collectieve afsluiter

18.00: einde in Menas in Maria Aalter

21.30: ‘Uit handen geven’, vuurritueel van Amenra en Beyond The Spoken in het Citadelpark in Gent. Helemaal gratis! Meer info vind je hier.  

Rasa Alksnyte


Organisation: sídhe, platform for ritual, retreat, rewilding and re/writing


25.05 - 10:00 - 18:00 Menas in Maria-Aalter (Blekkervijverstraat 20, 9880 Aalter)
Tickets: €20 (including lunch)


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