Beyond The Spoken & Sídhe / ‘Beyond Care’
Rasa Alksnyte
Amen & Beyond

Beyond The Spoken invites Sídhe

Beyond Care
Thu 23.05
Sat 25.05
  • Thu 23.05 - Sat 25.05
    On location
    Past event

 A three-day retreat for caregivers with an abundance of art, well-being and rituals.

 Amid nature and seclusion, ‘Beyond Care’ offers the time and space to look at your own caregiving from a fresh perspective. The practices of the participants may vary hugely. Some work in healthcare as caregivers, coaches or healers. Others are active in the arts and spend their time creating or researching. All are, in one way or another, occupied with the art of healing. In the context of this retreat, all these extraordinary carers will make a shared journey through the realm of art, well-being and ritual.

Part of
Amen & Beyond
Beyond The Spoken & Sídhe / ‘Beyond Care’


 Organisation: sídhe, platform for ritual, retreat, rewilding and re/writing


do 23 till za 25.05 - three day retraite in Menas in Maria-Aalter (Blekkervijverstraat 20, 9880 Aalter)

Tickets are €175 (including 2 overnight stays, all meals and on the thrid day ‘Geneeskunst’ & ‘Climate Melancholia’

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