Amen & Beyond

Peter Aers

The Pain of Others
Thu 16.05
Fri 17.05
  • Thu 16.05
    20:00 - 23:00
    Past event
  • Fri 17.05
    20:00 - 23:00
    Past event

 How can we feel and understand the pain of others?

 Peter Aers – already a Vooruit resident for some years now as part of the Stadsatelier (City Atelier) – will present his conversational performance ‘The Pain of Others’ during AMEN & BEYOND. The fourth and final part in the series ‘Everything Depends on How a Thing is Thought’. This time the theatermaker and philosopher dives deep into the notion of pain.

Peter Aers carried out countless interviews and discussions with scientists, dancers, futorologists, psychiatrists, adults and children who suffer mentally and physically, and artists for whom pain is a central theme. From this he distilled some radical questions: how can we understand pain? Does the way we talk about pain affect the way we experience it? How can we translate pain from person to person? Does pain exist without the other?

With authors Maggie Nelson and Susan Sontag as inspiration, Aers attempts to answer these riddles in a series of interactive conversational performances.

Part of
Amen & Beyond

“With his table discussions, Peter Aers does what the best art does. (...) The feeling of genuinely having connected with your fellow audience members, your fellow players. With the artist as the medium that gives you freedom but also guides you into areas you would never have reached on your own.”

Liv Laveyne


Do 16 & vr 17.05 - Vooruit Concertzaal
Nederlandstalig gesproken
€12 / 10 

 Peter Aers  
Creatie: Peter Aers, Erika Sprey, Bart Capelle, Melissa Mabesoone, Kris Van Oudenhove 
Met steun van: Vooruit, KAAP, Workspacebrussels, de Vlaamse Gemeenschap 
Met dank aan Winny Ang, Amy De Schutter, Macarius Basisschool, KASK en Heike Langsdorf, Eef Cornelissen, e.a. 

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