Amen & Beyond

Natalia Pieczuro / Colin H. van Eeckhout (Amenra)

This Kind of Bird Flies Backwards
Fri 17.05
  • Fri 17.05
    20:00 - 20:50
    Past event

Choreographer Natalia Pieczuro and Colin H. Van Eeckhout (Amenra) meet in this post-metal dance performance.

 "Moments where we feel we live"

For this work, Natalia Pieczuro took as an inspiration “moments when we feel we are alive” and “different extremes”. The starting point of the work was her own experiences, as well as “stories” of others. Of people who are not afraid of being alive.

The choice of working with Colin, who strongly represents the Belgian post-metal scene, was inspired by the conviction and feeling that this kind of music speaks for the intensity of certain experiences, that are often hard to describe with mere words.

From Brussels, her home port, the choreographer has created an open landscape for this piece of archetypes. ‘This Kind of Bird Flies Backwards’ speaks of the intensity of feeling extreme sadness or loneliness.

The sound created by Colin H. van Eeckhout (Amenra, CHVE), Bjørn Lescouhier (Regression) and Mathieu Vandekerckhove (Amenra, Syndrome), offers an accompaniment that vibrates to the core. A pure, raw and sincere show.

This Kind of Bird Flies Backwards * Official Trailer from MARGINS on Vimeo.

Part of
Amen & Beyond


 ‘This Kind Of Bird Flies Backwards’
Concept & Choreography: Natalia Pieczuro
By and with: Natalia Pieczuro, Colin H. van Eeckhout, Mathieu van de Kerckhove, BjØrn Lescouhier
Music: Colin H. van Eeckhout, Mathieu van de Kerckhove, BjØrn Lescouhier
Lights: Florence Richard
Artifacts: Aline Gorsen Art
Costumes: Aline Breucker
Stage design: Natalia Pieczuro
Length: 50 min

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