Thu. 18.04.2019 20:00 - 22:30

Saloli / Annelies Monseré

Thu 18.04. 2019
20:00 - 22:30
  • Thu 18.04. 2019
    20:00 - 22:30

 Melancholic, multi-instrumental little works of art offering intimate delight


Saloli is the new moniker adopted by American multi-instrumentalist Mary Sutton as she takes the plunge into the world of analogue synths. Her debut ‘The Deep End’ (2018) is awash with lurky-jerky hypnotic synth sounds. The music was originally composed for a summer concert to be performed at a wellness centre in her home city of Portland. That’s right: her asymmetrical ambient first saw the light of day amid a naked audience of hot-tub indulgers ... quite the first exposure. And on the single ‘Barcarolle’ it aptly sounds like the synths are bubbling and popping under water. Although we don’t have any hot tubs at Vooruit, we do have a cosy, homely setting, ideal for a mesmerizing, pure trip – destination: summer.

“In its low-key way, ‘Barcarolle’ is gorgeous: fluid, warm, and reassuringly down to earth. Instead of atmospheric sublimity, it’s keyed to the humility of the human form at its most vulnerable.” - Pitchfork 

Annelies Monseré

Almost twenty years ago Annelies Monseré set out on a musical expedition, to arrive at a unique and experimental sound characterised by aspects of slowcore, ambient and mystical drone folk. On her experimental trip she searched out, discovered and re-discovered her own voice. At times softly whispering or frosty, at other times fragile and warm. But always goosebump-inducing.

Her debut ‘Helder’ (2005) felt delicate and intimate with its perfect sprinkling of crackles and noise. Then came a series of EPs in which she was clearly in search of her own unique sound. Armed with her guitar, xylophone, cello, piano and melodica she fluctuated constantly between folk, drones, ballads, ambient and even the odd doom influence. In her most recent release, ‘Happiness is within sight’ (2018), she sings angelically of having to part with those dear to her. A moving account told with the aid of piano, synths, organ and percussion. Each track is an atmospheric and melancholic little work of art offering intimate delight. Hush your mind and tongue, close your eyes and enjoy.

“The at times intimate but invariably quite doomy ‘Happiness is Within Sight’ from Belgian artist Annelies Monseré will send shivers through your body, but not the unpleasant kind. Icy piano, ominous organ drones and Monseré’s delicately melancholic singing dominate her sophisticated soundscapes.” – De Morgen

Online presale ends at 17:00! There will be tickets available at the doors!  


20:00 Doors
20:30 Annelies Monseré
21:30 Saloli 


20:00 Doors
20:30 Annelies Monseré
21:30 Saloli 


Do 18.04 - 20:00 Balzaal Vooruit
€12 / 9 (presale)


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