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Verkeerd Geparkeerd
Fri 29.03 23:00

Verkeerd Geparkeerd

Fri 29.03
  • Fri 29.03

 Eén jaar Lush!

Wow, Lush soon celebrates its first birthday, and we'll blow out the candles with a magnificent party at Balzaal Vooruit! We've picked a fantastic lineup no less than five(!) top-of-the-line DJs, so hopefully you'll be there to dance with us through the night. Oh, and before we forget, between 11pm and midnight we have our *HAPPY HOUR*, it's hard to say no to that!

Buy your tickets now in presale: €7 instead of €10!


23u - 0u30 // KORNGOLD made his debut at Lush in Niche club and is more than ready to get the party going!

0u30 - 2u00 // MISS CHARLIE got to the finals of MNM Start to DJ 2018, and, boy, she knows how to spin a record, party guaranteed!

2u00 - 3u00 // TRIPLE V was also among the MNM Start to DJ 2018 finalists and together with HAYWIRE they will enchant us with a magnificent back2back session.

3u00 - 5u00 // DJ MERLO is closing Lush with a banger: *the winner of MNM Start to DJ 2018* is not to be missed!


org by Verkeerd Geparkeerd

Lush is sponsored by Apluss, Pain Perdu, Carlos Quinto, Westies, Carpentia and Barrazza.


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