Sat. 23.03.2019 18:30 - Sun. 24.03.2019 03:00

Out The Frame

Lotic, Lafawndah, Charlotte Adigéry, Dvtch Norris & more
Sat 23.03.'19
Sun 24.03.'19
18:30 - 03:00
  • Sat 23.03.'19
    Sun 24.03.'19
    18:30 - 03:00
    Kunstencentrum Vooruit

Online presale ends at 18:30! There will be tickets available at the doors!




March 23 – mark it in your diary and underline it twice, because it’s time for the second edition of OUT THE FRAME, organised by Vooruit and All Eyes on Hip Hop. A one-day hip-hop festival that gleefully colours outside the lines of typical hip hop and welcomes influences from indie, electronica, spoken word and R&B. Discover adventurous new projects from established artists, the hip-hop headliners of tomorrow and a melting pot of styles. Come and explore the ever-expanding universe of hip hop.

“The inaugural Out The Frame Festival is a lesson in female power, Belgian hip hop and Afrofuturistic capabilities. (...) . The line-up is full of underground sounds that teeter on the fringes of mainstream hip hop.” - The Quietus

Full line-up 

Lotic: ‘Endless Power’ / Lafawndah / Charlotte Adigéry / DVTCH NORRIS / Glints / BbyMutha / Lander Gyselinck & Quelle Chris / Barney Artist / Connie Constance / Dope Saint Jude / Prison Religion / Coby Sey / Luie Louis & De Luie Live Band / Martha Da'ro / Rare Akuma / STILL: ‘GOVERMENT’ featuring Devon Miles & Freweini

+ Afterparty with Lefto / Gayance


DOORS: 18:30

Vooruit Café

19:00 Martha Da'ro
19:45 Luie Louis & De Luie Live Band
21:00 Dope Saint Jude
22:00 Prison Religion
23:15 Barney Artist

Vooruit Scène Theaterzaal
20:00 Rare Akuma
21:00 Coby Sey
22:15 Lander Gyselinck & Quelle Chris
23:30 Charlotte Adigéry
00:45 STILL: ‘GOVERMENT’ featuring Devon Miles & Freweini 

Vooruit Balzaal 
20:15 Connie Constance
21:30 Bbymutha
22:30 Glints
01:00 Lotic: ‘Endless Power’
02:00 Afterparty with Lefto
03:30 Afterparty with Gayance

Lotic: 'Endless Power'

Lotic AKA producer J’Kerian Morgan grew up in Houston, Texas, where they studied electronic composition and saxophone. They then skipped over the pond to their current home of Berlin. There they experimented with electronica and spacey sounds. It wouldn’t be long before they became an icon of the Berlin scene and one of the most important voices of the LGBTQI+ community in Europe. Last year Lotic wowed the music world with their debut ‘Power’, topping FACT magazine’s 2018 shortlist of the year’s best albums. At OUT THE FRAME they will present their new audiovisual show, ‘Endless Power’, designed by artist Emmanuel Biard and co-produced by Vooruit, Berlin’s CTM festival and the adventurous Dutch festival Rewire. Meet Lotic: heavy beats, nervous drums and distorted vocals.

“The debut from the Berlin-based producer explores at the idea of power in the world and within themself, tiptoeing the line between exuberance and terror.” - Pitchfork

“Gnarly, emotionally powerful electronica” - The Guardian


Welcome to the surrealistic sound universe of LAFAWNDAH. She’s only released two EPs but everyone is waiting with baited breath for her upcoming debut LP ‘Ancestor Boy’ (due out on 22 March 2019, the day before OUT THE FRAME!). The American Lafawndah has Iranian roots but was raised in Paris. Her multicultural youth is reflected in her spacey, Eastern techno-inspired pop songs that emanate a certain mystique. Lafawndah regularly features in lists of artists to watch in 2019. She’s known for smashing her live performances with an electricity that’s also present in her self-made music videos.

“Intriguing, pan-cultural avant-world music ideal for dancing, magic massages and brain pooling.” - The Guardian

Charlotte Adigéry

WWWater wwwas one of the highlights of OUT THE FRAME 2018 according to the national and international press. This coming edition WWWater frontwoman Charlotte Adigéry, also a current Vooruit music resident, will be presenting her brand-new solo EP ‘Zandoli’. This latest EP, hitting the shelves on 8 February, is being released via DEEWEE, the record label of the Dewaele brothers (Soulwax/Too Many DJs).

At the heart of Adigéry’s new release is the artist’s curiosity about her Caribbean roots. She went in search of her identity and what it means to grow up as a Caribbean woman of colour in Belgium. This soul-searching resulted in funky texts written in creole, a language made up of a mixture of others. In the album’s advance single ‘High Lights’ you quickly recognise the typical catchiness of Adigéry’s lyrics as she delivers a tongue-in-cheek ode to the age-old form of self-expression that is hair styling. WWWater buddy Boris Popul once again provides some irresistibly danceable beats. Catch the Adigéry-vibe live on stage!

“Charlotte Adigéry (WWWater) is a revelation, put forward as Solange meets Shabazz Palaces, expectations are high, and her link with Soulwax suggests that a less-obvious musical path is being forged.” RTE about OUT THE FRAME 2019


The Antwerp-born, English-speaking rapper DVTCH NORRIS, AKA Dutch, made his performing debut as a guest musician with Coely. They toured Europe together, but as a solo artist the Antwerp artist couldn’t sit still. He signed with the renowned independent label Beatville and has already brought out numerous EPs and sick singles including ‘Toothpick’ and ‘SickOfAllThis’. Expect some late-night chill vibes flavoured with violent bass.

“His English is impeccable, his enthusiasm infectious and his happy, super-energetic performance exhilarating” - Humo


The man behind Glints is Jaan Maarschalk Lemmens. He combines cartloads of poetic lyrics with lively hip hop, ethereal electronica and dreamy pop songs. Think Mike Skinner of the Streets meets Moderat. The catchy lyrics and melodies have an added sing-a-long-ability thanks to his endearing British accent, which gives a clue as to the Antwerp artist’s roots.

His EPs ‘Glints’ (2015) and ‘Burgundy’ (2017) and break-through hit ‘Bugatti’ were enthusiastically received by Studio Brussel and have already led to him performing at Pukkelpop among other festivals. Glints is furious, catchy and extremely danceable. It’s hip hop, but not as you know it!


Three EPs and a viral music video for the single ‘Rules’ – that’s all it took for American artist Bbymutha to amass a gigantic fan base. This blend of hip hop, beats and reggae with deep bass lines and the occasional flash of guitar would make the ideal soundtrack for a summer party that goes on into the early hours. We can already tell that there will be sweat oozing from the walls of Vooruit.

Bbymutha is one of a new generation of underground, high-powered female rappers. She’s a single mom of twins and aims to survive solely off the back of her artistic work. A sincere feminist statement to be reckoned with. She herself describes her musical universe as ‘The Mutha Land’, where women call the shots and are free to be sexual, vulgar and ambitious. She has often toured with soulmates Noname, CupcakKe and Tierra Whack, and producers such as Suicideyear and LSDXOXO have been queueing up to collaborate. 2019 marks the year of her first full-length album and a first, exclusive Belgian show during OUT THE FRAME.

“Bbymutha is leading the pack for the next generation of southern rap artists.” - Vibe


Lander Gyselinck & Quelle Chris

Lander Gyselinck (known for STUFF. among other projects) and the New York rapper Quelle Chris have been good friends for years. They met back when Gyselinck spent a year in New York studying jazz. Ten years later the friendship remained strong and the duo dreamed of performing together on stage one day ... During OUT THE FRAME it will finally happen in an exclusive, one-off project.

A week before OUT THE FRAME they’ll be tinkering away in the rehearsal spaces of Vooruit to create a unique show. Gyselinck will be taking up his familiar post on drums and rapper Quelle Chris will be summoning killer bars from up his sleeve. The energetic rapper never sits still, and has already released more than fifteen albums and collaborations. He and his other half Jean Grae got everyone excited last year with their album ‘Everything’s Fine’. Don’t miss the chance to experience this adventurous and genre-bending collaboration live!

"I'm extremely proud and excited to work with a musician and percussionist as cold as Lander. I tend to lean on the super minimal yet heavy rhythmic end and Lander is a master of rhythm while also playing with the complexities of space and noise. Bringing the two together is going to be Frankenstein's ballerina." - Quelle Chris


Barney Artist

The British rapper Barney Artist appeared on the scene last year with the warmly received debut LP ‘Home is where the art is’. A funky record with contributions from Tom Misch, Jordan Rakei and Alfa Mist. This would lead to his first UK headliner tour and performances in Europe, opening for Oscar and the Wolf last year at his sold-out shows in Antwerp’s Sportpaleis. The jolly performer touches on sensitive, personal emotions, while his live performances abound with fun, bite-size servings of hip hop. Dance! Dance! Dance!

Connie Constance

At a time when a wave of British singer-songwriters are taking over the world, Connie Constance succeeds in rising above the hype with her subtle, soulful music. Her warm, rich voice with soul-infused indie vibes and poetic lyrics garnered the attention of NME and The Fader among others. A deal with renowned label AMF Records quickly followed, after which she released the ironically titled EP ‘Boring Connie’.

Connie is only 22 but felt like an outsider all throughout her youth. She had no contact with her Jamaican-Nigerian father and grew up in a completely white family and school. A feeling of loneliness haunts her adolescence and the search for her roots and identity serves as the inspiration for her songs. An atmospheric moment of peace amid the dancefloor excitement of OUT THE FRAME.

Dope Saint Jude

The South African hip-hop phenomenon Dope Saint Jude is not only an important artist of colour and feminist voice, but as a former drag king she also represents the queer identity in the African continent. Her eclectic sound can’t be categorised as out-and-out hip hop. She merrily draws upon a diversity of musical influences, from Tupac to Riot Grrrl and from Tracy Chapman to Queen. Her visual genius rivals that of Björk. Altogether, the result is powerful indie hip hop charged with bombast and fierce lyrics.

“Dope Saint Jude is the patron of South Africa’s intersectional Hip Hop scene” - Vice

Prison Religion

Prison Religion is a collaboration between visual and sound artists Poozy and False Prpht. Together they create a mix of clanging trap and noisy electronica. Following the releases of ‘Cage with Mirrored Bars’ (2016) and ‘O Fucc Im On The Wrong Planet’ (2018), they’re now joining forces with mates Rabit, Endgame, Swan Meat and Lee Gamble for a remix album. Noisy hip hop for fans of Death Grips!


Coby Sey

DIY artist Coby Sey has been a South East London club music icon for years. This vocalist, musician and DJ adds a new dancefloor dimension with his adventurous mix of beats. Think dancefloor madness drenched in samples, hip hop, drone, jazz and electronica. He has already shared a musical bed on many occasions with Tirzah, Mica Levi and Babyfather. Expect a volatile and oh-so-danceable live performance.


ft. Devon Miles & Freweini Zewoldi

Behind electronica phenomenon STILL is the versatile Italian musician Simone Trabucchi. This nomadic visual and sound artist has lived many lives. As Dracula Lewis he gave traditional folk music a contemporary touch. His most recent project, STILL, is rooted in historical events from the 1930s. It was then when Fascist Italy stormed into Ethiopia and drove the Ethiopian emperor Haile Selassie into exile. Following this development, the Rastafari community in Trabucchi’s hometown of Vernasca burned images of Selassie – not in celebration, but as an indictment in idolisation of Selassie. With STILL Trabbuchi explores the connection between the cultures of Italy, Ethiopia and Jamaica. The result is a crunchy electronica project with southern influences.

STILL will present their new audiovisual show ‘Government’ during OUT THE FRAME. A polyphonic electronica experiment accompanied by psychedelic visuals based on the graphic novels of Jamaican Rastafari Salmm. African-Italian MCs Devon and Freweini join STILL on tour as guest rappers.


Martha Da’ro

Smooth and chill are the go-to adjectives when describing the music of Marhta Da’ro AKA Martha Canga Antonio. She previously toured Europe as part of the hip-hop collective Soul’Art. In addition to being a musician she is also an actor and has appeared in the acclaimed film ‘Black’ by Adil El Arbi and Billal Fallah. Now she’s embarked on a solo career as a musician with her debut EP ‘Cheap Wine & Paris’ coming out in 2019. Laid-back pop songs for fans of Amy Winehouse, Alicia Keys and Lily Allen.

Luie Louis & De Luie Live Band

Louis Wouters AKA Luie Louis is a young Antwerp rapper and producer. In 2017 he released his first solo album, ‘Love Life Louis’. In recent years he has performed on stages big and small across Flanders, proving himself to be one of the most promising acts of the Belgian hip hop scene. In the spring of 2019 will can expect the arrival of his new EP, ‘The Golden Classics’. For this new release, he and De Luie Live Band have reworked a number of existing tracks from his debut album and from his group Roedel. Raw hip hop with a thick Antwerp accent – let’s go!

“Luie Louis breathes new life into Antwerp hip hop scene” - Humo


Rare Akuma

Rare Akuma AKA Shyheim Newell is Antwerp’s next big thing in hip hop. This new kid on the block has garnered attention in Europe and even the US. His millions of SoundCloud plays speak for themselves and $uicideboy$ is a vocal fan. The young rascal started out in the rage-core genre. Imagine Slipknot meets Kanye West meets Childish Gambino and you’re getting an idea of Rare Akuma’s early releases. With his first full-length album, ‘Akuma Season’ (2018) he’s partially abandoning the brute-force bass lines and pushing himself a step further, touching the soul with the genius melodies and melancholic verse of tracks like ‘Succubus’ and ‘Romeo et Juliette’. A pyrotechnic performance absolutely not to be missed!

“The young Antwerp performer shows how it’s done, and many big names from over the pond are watching.” - Vice


Lefto (Studio Brussel) and Gayance (Belgium-based Canadian hip hop guru) will be manning the decks after all the live action is done and dusted. A sick hip-hop afterparty guaranteed to go on until the early hours. OUT THE FRAME 2019: come and explore the unfolding universe of hip hop.


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