Haider Al Timimi / Kloppend Hert - Studio Shehrazade
Mario Debaene
Wed 08.05 - Thu 09.05


Studio Shehrazade
Wed 08.05
Thu 09.05
  • Wed 08.05
    20:00 - 21:20
  • Thu 09.05
    20:00 - 21:20

Do you dare to show your true colours? 

At the age of six, Haider Al Timimi came to Belgium from Iraq. He couldn’t speak the language, but he could dance. Via the world of hip hop and breakdance he entered the theatre world, joining Union Suspecte and Rosas. Now Haider is creating shows with the company Kloppend Hert and performed at Vooruit last season with the moving solo piece ‘Ich bin wie du’.

In the brand-new dance and theatre production ‘Studio Shehrazade’, a Ghanean and an Iranian meet in a place where they can be completely themselves. No public opinion, no moral imperative, no taboos – a place of unbridled freedom. But how frightening can dreams and desires be? How close can you get to yourself and another person? Do you dare to show your true colours?

‘Studio Shehrazade’ takes inspiration from the work of photographer Hashem El Madani, who ran a discreet photography studio in Beirut, where people could show their true selves and have their secret fantasies captured in portraiture. The performance seeks to expose the perception that some cultures have of homosexuality and to condemn the resulting atrocities.

Language: Dutch


performance: Gorges Ocloo & Haider Al Timimi - director: Haider Al Timimi - choreography: Georgina Del Carmen Theunissen -co-director: Renée Goethijn - dramaturgy: Bart Capelle - light design: Reynaldo Ramperssad - coproductie Arsenaal / Lazarus, Vooruit

image © Mario Debaene 

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