Michiel Devijver

Same Same Night II

Cold War (Nkisi & John T. Gast) / Angel-Ho (cancelled) / Zuli / Laryssa Kim
Same Same But Different
Thu. 28.02.2019 20:00 - 23:00
Thu 28.02.'19
20:00 - 23:00
  • Thu 28.02.'19
    20:00 - 23:00

New abstract club music curated by Vooruit music resident NKISI

Because Angel-Ho was denied a visa, the show of Angel-Ho is cancelled. We're looking to reschedule his set. The concerts of Cold War (Nkisi & John T. Gast) / Zuli / Laryssa Kim are going to take place as foreseen. Therefore the evening is now a free event! We will refund bought tickets. 


Same Same Nights

A festival would not be worthy of the name without parties. We are organising three nightlife events with the same theme and atmosphere.

As part of SAME SAME BUT DIFFERENT Vooruit music resident Nkisi is curating an evening of abstract club music. The week before she’ll be holed up in Vooruit’s rehearsal spaces with John T. Gast, where they’ll be preparing an exclusive live debut of their new project Cold War. Like-minded artists and friends Angel-Ho, Zuli, and Laryssa Kim complete the line-up.

Cold War (Nkisi & John T Gast) 

Nkisi, whose real name is Melika Ngombe Kolongo, is a Belgian producer and DJ with Congolese roots who has been living in London for several years. Her tracks are an infectious mix of Congolese rhythms, Belgian hardcore and gabberhouse. Dark, trance-like synths and uptempo beats for a new generation. Nkisi’s music is suffused with an anti-conformist punk spirit and questions the spiritual status quo in politics and on the dancefloor.

In 2015, she, Chino Amobi and Angel-Ho founded the project NON, a collective of African diaspora artists using sound as their main medium. NON is an experimental electronica label, a radical art project fighting the oppression of black culture, and a social network. Their endgame? To decolonise dancefloors around the world.

“Meshing hard techno and gabber beats with pan-African drum rhythms and pairing IDM electronics with juke house, Nkisi is a truly unique talent defying genre classification.” - DJmag



If you google John T. Gast, among the results you’ll soon find Hype Williams, the dreamy, hypnotic electrionica collaboration between two of Gast’s mates, British hip-hopper Dean Blunt and Russian musician Inga Copeland. But the connection is more than friendship; Gast contributed to the Hype Williams record ‘Black is Beautiful’ as co-producer. He can also be heard on Blunt’s solo record ‘The Redeemer’. As a solo artist he released ‘Excerpts’, on which he combines the best of Blunt and Copeland’s worlds. Sharp, trashy electronica with distorted vocals. In recent years Gast has remained largely under the radar but now he’s back with Nkisi and their brand-new collaboration Cold War. A team-up dedicated to dark, synthy club music.



Angel-Ho (Because the artist was denied a visa, the concert is cancelled)

Angel-Ho is the alter ego of South African musician Angelo Valerio. The performer uses his emotional, intimate electronica as a means of talking about identity, sexuality, gender and class. With his gender-neutral drag performances, Angel-Ho is a vocal representative of the South African queer community. In his performances he constantly swaps between typically masculine and feminine outfits and movements. A statement to make a mockery of gender norms. Together with Nkisi and Chino Amobi, Angel-Ho is also one of the founders of NON, a label focused on identity, decolonisation and equality.

“Angel-Ho creates dense and emotional electronic tracks with a sound reminiscent of New York’s Fade To Mind movement”– Dazed



Zuli AKA Ahmed El Ghazoly is an Egyptian multi-instrumentalist, producer and sound artist. He helped to get VENT off the ground, a venue in the heart of Cairo dedicated to experimental music and dark club nights. VENT now has a sister club and label based in London. Over the past decade Zuli has pretty much become the face of the Egyptian DIY music scene. He himself makes music that could be described as somewhere between shoegaze, hip hop and techno. It doesn’t get more exciting than this. Let’s go clubbing at Vooruit!



Laryssa Kim

The Italian musician Laryssa Kim uses electronica to lay down surrealistic, dreamy trance and soundscapes on stage. In 2008 she moved to Amsterdam where she experimented with physical theatre and contemporary dance. There she learned to communicate through music and developed an interest in looping machines and voice changers. In 2013 she began following a course in acousmatic music composition at the conservatory in Mons. Since then she’s been living in Brussels and focusing on electroacoustic music.



20:00 Doors
20:30 Laryssa Kim
21:15 Zuli
22:00 Cold War (Nkisi & John T. Gast)
23:00 End

Free entrance!


20:00 Doors
20:30 Laryssa Kim
21:15 Zuli
22:30 Cold War (Nkisi + John T. Gast) 
23:30 End



Fri 28.02 - 20:00 Balzaal Vooruit
Free entrance! 

electronica / experimental

met de steun van / with support off / avec le support de Africalia