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Expo maintenance @ In De Ruimte

Fri 01.02
Sun 03.02
  • Fri 01.02 - Sun 03.02
    On location
    Past event

Verrassende expo over onderhoud en zorgarbeid

Maintenance is the act of keeping our bodies and spaces in existence, without producing anything. This labour of care is a continuous line of work that is always present but mostly unseen. During the exhibition a microcosmos will be created in which the space, bodies and materials will be maintained by rehearsing the performances, cleaning the environment and engaging with each other. On Friday we will work around space, while on Saturday maintaining the body will be our focus. On Sunday we will present all the performances during the official presentation.

Every day we will open the exhibition at 15u by lighting the work Carbon by Bert Villa after which we will present performances, installations and maintenance by Bilal Abas, Ines Bodlovic, Leon de Bruijne, Katinka de Jonge, Lara Garcia Diaz, Palatine Gentils, Gabrielle Gobeaud Bianco, Sam Gunst, Hannes Legrand, Bjornus van der Borght, Charlotte Symoens, TH.PR.AR & Bert Villa.

Every day work will be on show from 15u - 20u
Every day performance will be rehearsed and conversations will be held from 16u - 18u
Every day food will be served around 19u

Our starting point is the MANIFESTO FOR MAINTENANCE ART 1969! by Mierle Laderman Ukeles, an American artist that involved maintenance work within her art practice and created maintenance art by scrubbing the museumfloors and creating various ballets with garbage trucks.

Friday 01/02 (15u - 20u)
Installations & maintenance

Saturday 02/02 - 15u - 20u
Installations & maintenance

Sunday 03/02 - 15u - 20u
Space / Body
Installations, maintenance & performances 16u - 19u


Maintained by In De Ruimte, Vooruit, Stad Gent & all the participants 

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