Pitcho Womba Konga - Kuzikiliza
Stef Depover

Pitcho Womba Konga

Same Same But Different @NTGent
Fri. 22.02.2019 - Sat. 23.02.2019
Fri 22.02.'19
Sat 23.02.'19

 Three very different men want to give a speech together

Kuzikiliza presents three very different men who want to give a speech together. For them, ideal communication, which is their aim, is based on three elements: text, sound and movement.

The men complement each other as each is talented in one element. Despite this however, these different talents also have their shadowy side.

For Kuzikiliza, the starting point for rapper, producer and actor Pitcho Womba Konga was Patrice Lumumba’s speech on the independence of the Congo on 13th June 1960 – a speech that is still relevant today. For is it not so that behind the independence of a country lies the emancipation of an entire people, and behind the emancipation of a people, the independence of every human being? How do we reconcile past and present while the decolonization process is still in full swing?

“Juist door de tweedimensionale clichés ‘dekolonisatie’ en ‘Lumumba’ over elkaar te schuiven, creëert de voorstelling een driedimensionaal beeld dat verbanden toont tussen het toen & daar en het hier & nu, uitlopend op het spil-moment: Lumumba’s memorabele onafhankelijkheidsrede.”

Rekto: Verso


director: Mike Van Alfen - scenography & lights: Stef Depover - concept, creation & performance: Pitcho Womba Conga - co-creation & performance: Karim Kalonji & Joost Maaskant - scenography & lights: Stef Depover - extra's: Majda Achab, Naima Aissati, Fatima Ouriaghli & Cecilia Ntelo-Wa-Leko - technique: Isabelle Simon, Jasper Vanhalle & Dieter Lambrechts - production: Skinfama, Arsenaal/Lazarus & KVS - with the support of: VGC Brussel & provincie Antwerpen - in co-operation with: Kultuurfaktorij Monty, De School van Gaasbeek, Pianofabriek/Citylab & Mestizo Arts Festival - in copresentation with: Vooruit & Campo


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