Laura van Dolron & De Koe - Een antwoord op alle vragen
Tue. 12.03.2019 20:00 - 22:00
Studium Generale

Laura Van Dolron & De Koe

Een Antwoord op alle Vragen
Tue 12.03. 2019
20:00 - 22:00
  • Tue 12.03. 2019
    20:00 - 22:00
    MIRY Concertzaal (Biezekapelstraat 9, 9000 Gent)

A show based on audience questions ... composed live! 

Stand-up philosophy in concert: a show based on audience questions ... composed live every evening!

Enough lonely evenings at the theatre: Laura van Dolron – together with Willem de Wolf from theatre company De KOE – is here to answer ALL YOUR QUESTIONS! Accompanied by musicians Wilko Sterke and Frank van Kasteren, Laura and Willem will be providing answers to the audience’s most burning questions.

Laura van Dolron: “When I say that I’m a stand-up philosopher, people often ask: ‘Does that mean you converse with the audience, then?’ No, I say, feeling a bit caught out. I don’t chat with the audience because I don’t have a great deal of trust in public participation; I feel that the kind of people who respond are often the ones who have said enough already. With ‘Een antwoord op alle vragen’ [‘An answer to all your questions’] I have found an approach that allows everyone in the audience to be part of the show. They are asked to write down their questions, which offers a safe way to participate. We invite the audience to celebrate the question and find the answer.

“In my shows I seek to give more room to the magical here and now of the theatre, because I have learned that what is going on in the moment is always more important and more exciting than whatever you had come up with. Less preparation, more openness, less conceptualising, more listening. In this world of Instagram, botox and carefully designed Facebook statuses, I feel a need for realness. A realness that I will seek out every night with the audience, in their questions and in our answers.”

In ‘Een antwoord op alle vragen’, Laura, Willem, Wilco and Frank have as many answers prepared as possible to questions they imagine they’ll receive, questions they fear they’ll receive and questions they hope to receive. Every evening in their ‘answers laboratory’ they are flooded with audience questions. There will be answers that fit with the questions, there will be questions to which they have no answers and there will be a helpline standing by, operated by wise people. The audience watches on as they search, wrestle and make music. In this way, a live, philosophical theatre concert is created every evening, full of poetry, thinking, doing, hope and despair ... and in the end there might even be one answer that transcends all questions!

Een zoektocht naar meer ruimte voor het magische 'hier en nu’ van het theater


concept: Laura van Dolron - text & play: Laura van Dolron, Willem de Wolf (theatre company de KOE, Kas & de Wolf) - music: Wilko Sterke (Circus Treurdier, Orkater, Orde van de Dag), Frank van Kasteren (Circus Treurdier, Orde van de Dag, Het Nieuwe Lied) - design: Wikke van Houwelingen and Marloes van der Hoek - Sales in the Netherlands: Bureau Berbee culturele affaires - producer: Laura van Dolron in collaboration with theatre company de KOE (BE)

Together with Studium Generale


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