Eyes Wide Open
Women and Children First - Exercises in Awareness
Thu. 31.01.2019 - Sat. 02.02.2019
Thu 31.01.'19
Sat 02.02.'19

A guided walk around the Zuid (Woodrow Wilson Square) and the Kouter in Ghent in search of stories and people who, each in their own way, look further than our 'normal gaze'.

We walk from one world into another in search of stories and people who continue to look at us, each in their own way. With an open mind and a listening ear, we get a whole new perspective on the neighborhood and its residents.

A library full of knowledge, art and engagement, Nobel Peace Prize winners, a strong lady, (anti-)heroes and their sculptures, aristocratic benefactors ...

We tell, we look and we meet three special people with a personal story.
We stop for a small solidarity snack in between.

A collaboration between Vizit, Vooruit, Enchantée and three surprising storytellers.


Make sure you wear enough clothes to walk for two hours through the city. When it’s a rainy day, make sure you bring an umbrella with you or wear rain gear.


do 31.01
Vr 01.02
17:00 - 19:00
za 02.02
14:00 - 16:00
Eyes Wide Open
Vizit Gent
start aan Vooruit inkomhal
citytour / wandeling / rondleiding


€10 (tour + hapje) 
Inschrijven via

Je kan met Uitpas kansentarief betalen (€2)

Steunticket: € 15. Voor deze activiteit werken we samen met Enchanté vzw. Je kan een steunticket kopen, waarmee je een deel betaalt van het ticket van iemand die het niet breed heeft: 15 euro steunticket ipv 10 euro.


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