Last Yearz Interesting Negro (Jamila Johnson-Small) & Fernanda Munoz-Newsome

Unruly Bodies
Tue. 29.01.2019 15:00 - 18:00
Tue 29.01.'19
15:00 - 18:00
  • Tue 29.01.'19
    15:00 - 18:00

Investigate the power of the body as a social and political weapon

“This is not a dance, it’s a threat”

Unruly bodies for unruly times, Organisms probing emergent space/s inside and outside skin, language that communicates new feeling not historical meaning, we mobilise our intelligent nosey body-minds to create space and rupture flow in the everyday. We access unruliness in our thinking bodies of water to make choice, sensation and pleasure political gesture within the bodies we want to be breathing in.

What if our bodies spoke without censoring information? I am so bored and tired but I am alive and only a bit sick so… What if on a cellular level we are able to make patriarchy die a miserable death through investing imagination in the unruly beautiful mess of our bodies?

Priming, disturbing (perceived) boundaries between choreographic, social, verbal and intimate space What if our speaking/ mumbling/ voicing bodies found power inside mess and the unformed/ non namable?

How and where do our bodies find and create intimacy, what are the conditions, what and how do we classify friendships? what is here already and how do we greet/meet that speaking, mobilising simultaneous agency, oiling the cogs of this girl-machine body-machine earth-machine, this fragile oracle practices divination, let’s listen widening and wet. moving in the dark to feel what can be accessed and harnessed by a performing body leaky, leaking into choices about moving and seeing in general. What creates liveness, and what sense of liveness are we interested in living/ exploring?


  • Participants should have an existing movement/dance/choreography/performance practice whether personal or professional or an interest in exploring movement/dance/choreography/performance in a focused setting.
  • This workshop will include work with touch.
  • All participants should send a short expression of interest that includes information about their current practice and any access requirements to
  • Bring soft, comfortable shoes and clothing suitable for floor work
  • Bring a notebook and pen with you.
  • All ages and abilities are welcome!
(c) Ayka Lux


Tue 29.01 - 15:00 -18:00
workshop / dance workshop / privilege / feminism / unlearning
In English
Free entrance, RSVP needed


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