Dimitri Djuric

Last Yearz Interesting Negro (Jamila Johnson-Small) / Rowdy SS / Shelley Parker

Women and Children First - Exercises in Awareness
Fri. 01.02.2019 20:00 - 21:30
Fri 01.02.'19
20:00 - 21:30
  • Fri 01.02.'19
    20:00 - 21:30

A physical and musical exploration of boundaries, intimacy and spectacle

The first two works in a trilogy of FURY, a series of works concerned with boundaries, openings, intimacy and spectacle in performance. Sound will be performed live by Rowdy SS and Shelley Parker.

In ‘Fury1’, LYIN and Rowdy SS navigate space together through live simultaneous practices of responsive sonic manipulation and dance. Collapsing time and working with the simultaneous presence of past-future-now; for you and for us in different ways at the same time. Silence and stillness are fictions; holding the density, feeling out languages of darkness and omissions. Sound and bodies in wordless dialogue like light that refracts in the prism of the moving crowd. Always movement.

‘FuryZ’, for wich Shelley Parker plays the live composition, is a certain kind of fragile, unknown and precarious sanctuary for the tending of rage and control; fleshy, sensual, hot, wet, textured, pleasure-giving. A work that starts from internal landscapes - emotional, physiological, psychic - as material or strategy for performance, considering entanglement, complicity, consent and how these things play out in the arena of a body.

Dimitri Djuric


Fri 12.02 - 20:00 Vooruit Balzaal
€12 / 10

FuryZ was commissioned by Block Universe in partnership with Gaia Art Foundation, 2018.
Sound: Rowdy SS (Fury1), Shelley Parker (live music) and Junior XL (FuryZ)
Light: Jackie Shemesh
Assistance: Rhoda Boateng
Concept, choreography, text, video and performance: Last Yearz Interesting Negro (Jamila Johnson-Small)


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