Malpertuis - Courtesy Gregory Crewdson and Galerie Templon, Paris et Bruxelles © Gregory Crewdson
Gregory Crewdson
Sat 09.02 - Sun 10.02

Piet Arfeuille / Theater Malpertuis

Sat 09.02
Sun 10.02
  • Sat 09.02
    20:00 - 22:00
    NTGent Schouwburg
  • Sun 10.02
    15:00 - 16:00
    On location

Raymond Carver brought to the stage by a top cast 

The characters of the famous American writer Raymond Carver are stuck in relational routine and buried dreams. They are shocked by a sudden crisis situation or become unsettled by their own deep-seated longing for ‘the other’.

Carver’s short stories have had many adaptations for theatre and film, with ‘Short Cuts’ by director Robert Altman being the most famous. Now theatre director Piet Arfeuille (‘Ivanov’, ‘GAZ’) and filmmaker Nathalie Teirlinck (‘Le Passé Devant Nous’) are diving into Carver’s universe together and it promises to be an exciting visual and theatrical event. Anyone who saw their ‘Yesterday (or how we felt about the rumour)’ will know that they are capable of making theatre cinematic without using a single camera. Arfeuille and Teirlinck will be bringing Carver’s stories to life with a talented cast including Katelijne Verbeke, Karlijn Sileghem, Stefan Perceval and Frans Van der Aa.


in copresentation with: NTGent - text: Raymond Carver - adaptation & director: Piet Arfeuille & Nathalie Teirlinck - performance: Katelijne Verbeke, Karlijn Sileghem, Stefan Perceval, Frans Van der Aa, Vincent Van Sande, Lien Wildemeersch, Els Olaerts, Tim Taveirne & Naomi Van Der Horst, e.a. - productie: Theater Malpertuis - co-production: De Grote Post

photo's © Malpertuis - Courtesy Gregory Crewdson and Galerie Templon, Paris et Bruxelles © Gregory Crewdson / Fred Debrock 

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